Friday, March 27, 2009

More than a year later

Technology and I are having a battle. I'm so far behind now that I have decided to just go with the flow. I don't have a texting cell phone, and I barely know what twittering is. I don't think I am the only one who marvels at the elaborate blogs so many create. When do they find the time? Since October 2007 I have become the coordinator of SCBWI Schmooze, and the host of a monthly picture book critique group. I've also created a Face Book page.
My dogs have been featured in two stories in the Pasadena Star News. The first, in September 2008, headline story about Barks and Books at the Hastings Branch of the Pasadena Public Library. The second, March 2009, about a gathering of doodles in a Pasadena Park. Darby is definitely the star of the color photo.

On an amusing and annoying note - I applied as a volunteer tutor for an after-school program at Five Acres. The lengthy process included a TB test, fingerprinting, three recommendations, a lengthy form about driving record, criminal history, etc. Unfortunately, two attempts to capture my fingerprints via computer recognition, failed
Seems that I have worn off the tips of my fingers to such an extent they don't screen via computer. So, a name check began three months ago, and may never be complete. As I reported to a friend, my only dealings with the law were a speeding ticket when I was 17, caught in a speed trap in Kansas, driving with my grandmother and mother.
Two similarly speed-trap caught tickets some 35 years later - one in South Carolina, one in North Carolina. One in Dallas while trying to get out of the way of Hell's Angels lookalikes tailgating me (I was 8 months pregnant) - and one in Pasadena, again trying to move out of the way of a tailgater - forcing me into a Right Turn Only lane. I didn't turn right.

Hmm - a few more than I originally remembered.

I have survived a major robbery, a mugging, two damaging earthquakes.

More later. It's time to bite the bullet and finish my income tax return.

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