Sunday, April 11, 2010

Earthquake and Afghanistan

I went to Radio Shack in Hastings Ranch, Pasadena, today, to get batteries for one of my portable radios, and purchase another.  The gentleman who helped me is from Bulgaria.  He has a son in the midst of the action in Afghanistan, a marine in the Medical Corps.  Another son is finishing studies at West Point.
We got on the subject of Texas (headquarters of Radio Shack) - and he went on to say that
his wife had given him a copy of a book by a Navy Seal from Texas.  He said the book was terrific, included something about the Seal's hometown residents turning out in large numbers to greet him on his return. Later I tried to find it on Amazon, only to discover that there are several books by and about Seals -

Had to return to Radio Shack to get my inexpensive little radio programmed, and had another chat with the gentleman from Bulgaria.  One of my chosen stations was KUSC 91.5, causing him to comment that classical music kept him sane on a long ride to work.  A jovial encounter.

Writers chat and schmooze

Today was my last day as coordinator for the West San Gabriel Valley SCWI schmoozes, which have met six times yearly.  Purpose to network, share experiences, encourage writers of books for children. My first schmooze was at Gay Kinman's home six or more years ago. Then Peggy Spears was our master-mind at her lovely home in Altadena, until she was lured away to Claremont.
Our next locale has been the Hastings Branch of the Pasadena Library, not as comfortable as a home perhaps, but accessible (not only for us, but in the path of the occasional homeless person who wanders through on the way to his weekly/monthly? ablutions)

We have had as many as a dozen attendees, as few as two - each event a success - with a surprise speaker - Joe Cepeda (professional award-winning illustrator) - or a planned guest, Erika Oller (illustrator and creator of greeting cards and peripheral items) - Susan Lendroth and Ann Garrett, terrific tag-team about writing picture books - Gay Kinman on query letter writing - Ann Garrett on best websites - Elana Blum, Education Director of the Pasadena Humane Society along with a mini demo of Barks and Books, plus the pros and cons of what makes a good picture book.

Participants have met, spun off, returned, and always shared terrific feedback. Even tho' we are not on the heavily populated "west side" we have fun - and merit.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Losing my earthquake touch and more on Fluffy

Took a nap this afternoon with the doodles - we had a great long walk this Easter morning -
and discovered via the internet that there had been an earthquake in Baja California, felt in Los Angeles, and reportedly as far away as Phoenix, AZ.  Neither the dogs nor I felt a thing - for the second time recently -
surprising, since I used to be uber sensitive to the slightest tremor.

As for Fluffy, the poor neglected dog, I wonder if an intervention is in order.  This morning there he was again, shabbily moping around his yard - so lonesome.  I wonder if he even has a water bowl anywhere.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

More about dogs

Poor Fluffy- he spends all day every day out in the yard - often while his so-called caretakers are inside sitting in the widow ignoring his misery.  Dogs are companions for the most part.  I label his owners "so-called" because they apparently don't care, or know, that a dog wants company - and needs to be included in family life.

I wrote this days ago - and it still goes on - other passersby have noticed it, too.  I feel like we should have an intervention, before this dog gets totally depressed.  On the other hand, he was rescued - so maybe, just maybe, living in a fenced yard is better than living in a shelter day to day.

My heart still bleeds.