Friday, March 19, 2010

peacocks on michillinda

A few weeks ago I watched a mother peacock and her brood of five or six young birds saunter across Michillinda, stopping traffic.  Years ago I had seen what looked like a huge palm frond hanging from a wall on Michillinda - only to discover it was the tail of a large peacock perched atop the wall.

Today I almost ran over a mid-size peacock, probably one of the flock from earlier.  I saw another halfway down the block - so they all must hang out nearby.  I would love to know what the residents of that area think, how they cope, and if they are tolerant (I hope so).  I know the birds are messy, steal fruit and vegetables from home gardens, and make lots of noise - but there is something joyful about seeing them wandering around in a busy city.

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