Thursday, April 7, 2011

Gum Chewing in public appearances and the anatomy of a cow

Showing my age, attitude, disdain - so what?

Just saw an interview with Jamie Oliver, Food Revolution guru, about his appearance at the Los Angeles
Unified School District Board.  He offered to visit their schools to offer alternatives to the food choices currently provided to the students.  His mission is to instruct, encourage healthy eating, and to change the obsession with junk food among the majority of today's school children.

The camera panned across the faces of the School Board members - impassively listening, many barely paying attention, not a glimmer of encouragement - but what struck me enough to write this blog entry was that several of them were chewing gum - at least I imagine it was gum - what else do people chew nonstop nowadays?

Needless to say, Oliver's request was turned down, and some of the Board continued contentedly munching their "cuds."

The next televised segment showed Oliver visiting a school leading a cow to a pile of hay.  The cow's hide was chalked into sections - to show various parts of its body.

I wonder how many of the School Board members know anything about the anatomy of a cow.
Do they know that it has four stomachs (accurately, "chambers")- or what cud chewing really is?

Interested in public school education? Take a look sometime at the televised meetings of the LAUSD Board -

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