Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Finally after two months untangling snarls in cyberspace

I think I'm back - but since all I've had this morning is strong coffee, my fingers aren't functioning as they should.
First came another form email from google, with one non-form sentence. "Thank you for your note." Apparently I am not the first one who had to resort to snail mail to get past the loops, hurdles, roadblocks, endless circles created by technology, which has yet to become humanely intelligent -- because the rest of their response was obviously nor original.

When I logged onto my gmail account home page there were almost 4000 messages in the chain. Thanks to the ability to forward to my roadrunner account, they were not lost - just piling up in a dusty folder. I am afraid to sign out of my gmail account or my blog now - it's like the edge of a precipice - I peer over, but I don't dare look too far down.

I have a tiny new video camera - which I chose without any input from my techy son. I also have a new IPod Touch - and although I am told about the thousands of Apps available, the few free ones I have added so far are dreadfully amateurish -
I guess you get what you pay for. I'm hoping that Bob is here for Christmas. I look forward to his help, even tho' he is inclined to provide minimal instruction, and make me figure it out - which is probably the right thing to do for a person of a certain age ( mine, not his).

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