Friday, January 1, 2010

The longest day of the year

I love the summer solstice - twice I have been in Europe shortly after the longest day -(how can a day be short or long when it is always 24 hours?) - anyway, Munich at 11:00pm, Stockholm at 4:00am - Helsinki all night long - the locals never slow down - and they don't believe in blackout curtains in their homes, or in hotels - the only place I found with a thought for those who might want to sleep in "the dark" in the summertime was a luxury hotel in Helsinki - courtesy of Finnair - the last night of my stay. But, as I said, I love the summers in Europe -
One memorable holiday was a ten day walking trip in Italy around Lake Como - amazing food courtesy of young guides with big appetites, group of 20 with only two smokers (mother and daughter) including a judge from Canada, a retired couple from St. Louis, the mother of a famous movie director before his rise to famedom (Michael Bay) and her friend an artist from Malibu, a couple whose behavior intrigued - loving during the day, separate rooms at night- did one of them snore? was this an affair? or an experiment?

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