Friday, January 8, 2010

I have to sound off on recent new television shows

I can't believe that I am finally seeing a news feed about the content of the Jay Leno show - as if this was not apparent from the first weeks - a bunch of boring, repetitious segments - stale -unimaginative after one or two airings. Who wants to hear stupid headlines time after time? Who needs to hear ten questions mumbled to deer-in -the-headlight on-location celebrities?
Who wrote the inept skits? I can't believe Leno isn't embarrassed by the material - where did it originate? Why?

It's no doubt hard to find another hit which appeals to the ten o'clock audience - look at the trials/failures - among the most recent (admittedly aired earlier than ten) - Kelsey Grammer's absolutely inane attempt at suburban renaissance. And, he had the gall to say he took it off because it just wasn't taking off - instead of saying the scripts were bombs, and the "cast" was equally mis-.
Another ten o'clock show which lasted barely two seasons - on cable -The Riches - it was well cast, and had an intriguing premise - "travelers" (hometown gypsies) - out of their comfort zone -
and, other cable shows - some to return, others probably gone forever - The Closer, Saving Grace, Damages, In Treatment, Deadwood, The Wire - their common denominator - good writing - skilled actors - ability to intrigue intelligent viewers.

I will continue - have more to say

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