Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tornado in the Southland

I turned on television this afternoon to watch People's Court. (I am addicted to judge shows, but particular about which 'judges' - Marilyn and Judy my top choices.)  Instead, for me a surreal experience - across the bottom of the screen "Tornado Warning" - so surreal it didn't register at first - I don't recall ever hearing or reading onscreen "Tornado Warning" in the Los Angeles area.  The newscasters are warning everyone to stay indoors away from windows, and clearing all public areas.  They are using loudspeakers to warn people, and I know that my reaction is the result of all the years I spent in Oklahoma and Texas - where thunderstorms, tornados, winds, hail, frost and snow went with the territory - along with extreme heat, dust storms, flying insects, and slithering reptiles.

I am not as concerned as the warnings warrant. Technology with radar, doppler weather, etc. has advanced exponentially since I left Dallas in 1977 - last century!

Sunshine for a moment, then clouds again, and the telecaster continues warning 'stay indoors' -

Darby looks like he has dreadlocks.  MaeRose, clipped two weeks ago, is almost curly as a poodle -
and my thin hair thins.

A car flipped over in the wind somewhere in Seal Beach - boats tumbled in the water, the newscasters are over the top with their reportage.

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