Friday, January 1, 2010

Barks and Books - Arcadia - December 2009

The last Saturday before Christmas - at the Arcadia library

Heather, the children's librarian, was delightfully cordial, and explained that there would probably not be too many readers this morning because of the pending holiday. She was right. We had one toddler, who loved petting MaeRose, and two readers - an extremely shy Chinese boy who read in a whisper, and Anika, an amazing six year old girl, born in Singapore, of Indian heritage. What a brain - she announced that she is six, and had been to Barks and Books before. She confided that her sister is 11, and her mother is 34, and both of them are afraid of dogs, although she herself loves them. She knew that a "masterpiece" was something big and wonderful, and she used the word "carefully' correctly - something adults don't always do -

Her father told me that she learned all the lyrics to Miley Cyrus songs, and sang them at a So. Cal Edison party in front of several hundred people. She has already lived in New York, and Belgium.
I am certain that she is going to be a super star someday - her vocabulary and her poise far outdo her young age. And, she has the benefit of the tiniest bit of an English/Indian accent - quite polished.

The number of enthusiastic Asian adult library patrons is inspiring - and daunting in a way - where are all the Anglos who should be using the libraries?

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