Friday, January 15, 2010

Sunday - parching and eventless

Here is a blog I began months ago - before the fiasco with a lost password and my confrontation with Google -
I have three double-spaced typed pages of passwords - tried to have an all-purpose one, but some require numbers, punctuation, varied lengths - and I wonder - are they really necessary -

Took the doodles for a walk - returned at 9:30, already warm and drippy. Our groomer is going to scold me when we see her Thursday. Both dogs look like wooly mammoths- and no matter how hard I comb, their fur is still matted. I have yet to confirm or negate the notion that a fur coat insulates an animal, no matter the temperature. In other words, shaving them in the summer is not advised. But, look at all the down-to-pink-skin dogs out and about.

Continuing on Tuesday, September 29 -
our critique group became a trio Sunday afternoon - Susan, Diane and I talked about how the future of our meetings should be shaped. We admired Diane's elaborate sketches of the queens, which will be part of her picture book in progress.

Last night Erika and I attended an event featuring four authors/illustrators of children's books. First, it impressed that they were all men,  My impression of the gender of writers for children has been they are mostly feminine with a sprinkling of brave men around the edges, or at the ends of the aisles, ready to flee. Those whose works I've heard/read write some of the best -
funny, strong, insightful.

The audience brimmed with early grade children - wildly enthusiastic. A gap-toothed boy in the front row leaped up signaling "touchdown" every time the author paused for the page turner.

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