Friday, January 1, 2010

Walking my dogs

Last week on our walk we stopped to peek through a fence at a little cream colored dog (Fluffy) and his companion black cat. MaeRose is absolutely hypnotized by cats
Fluffy was busy licking the cat. Darby was indifferent, but I literally had to drag MaeRose away forcefully -scraping her toenails on the pavement -
I am not sure what she would do if we had a cat - chase it, try to kill it, or love it to death. Anyway, wishful thinking - I am limited to two animals, under 20 pounds by my condo association -
and have already exceeded that regulation twice over.

Yesterday as we reached “Fluffy’s corner” (that’s how we identify it these days) all 34 pounds of MaeRose yanked so hard on her leash she almost pulled me over. The reason – Fluffy was outside of the fence – heading for the street.

With mail in one hand, two leashes in the other, I had only one choice – drop everything and catch Fluffy. I plunked his soft little body over the fence back into his yard. At first I couldn’t figure out how he had gotten out – til I reached the unlatched gate. No telling who opened it. No one was home, and I was without paper or pencil, just scuffed envelopes filled with after-Christmas notes. Next time we walk by I hope to see the owner, who is often sitting at her computer by the window. We just hope Fluffy doesn’t try any more escapes. His home is on a street with lots of traffic.

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