Friday, January 15, 2010

More thoughts on library visits

Little girl readers who come to Barks and Books, ages from four up to eight or nine, vary in appearance, and I  wonder if it has to do with their cultural background.
Those who have chosen their own attire wear a delightful mismatch - clashing colors, tattered skirts, sparkling ballerina shoes, layers of tees, and often have leftover paint splotches, chocolate syrup or chewed pencil on their cheeks.
Those, whose mothers no doubt chose the attire,  are fashionable top to toe, scrubbed faces, combed hair, quiet demeanor.
Then, there are the boys - exuberant, spirited readers with over the top expression, charming and rarely messy.
And, the toddlers - whose approach to a dog could be an ear shattering screech, a tug of fur, a vigorous pat,
a launch onto the dog's rear end.  Some toddler moms or caretakers don't monitor this as well as they could. But, it is a learning process for everyone.

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