Saturday, July 24, 2010

Water aerobics at the Rose Bowl

The Rose Bowl Aquatic Center, Pasadena, Ca, offers water aerobic workouts - early mornings for seniors, evenings for anyone, including seniors. The evening group (almost entirely female) is more I-fit-in than I expected - age range mostly middle and up, sizes from very 'fluffy' to solid and toned (more of the former than the latter) - many proclaim their long-time attendance, year round, even on the coldest days.  Yes, the pool is outdoors and temperatures drop, even in sunny southern California.

The two regular instructors, Alanna and Tracy provide a full hour's workout.
Alanna, Mondays and Wednesdays, a chunky ball of fire and sass - a grandmother, Harley cycle spokesperson, owner of various exotic vehicles including a Corvette, and a luxe camper.
Rock music, lots of fast movement.

Tracy, a retro-look, curly hair in ultra-long pony tail, so thin her shorts threaten to slide down her hips,
entire session from the pool's edge - using  pantomime ala Marcel Marceau to indicate tummy in, head up, back straight, legs straight, toe pointed - a spellbinding routine.  I hear that she is a physical therapist and a dancer.

I have been introduced to websites featuring water wear for cold climes - not quite wetsuits, but designed for year-round outdoor swimmers, and websites featuring every possible shape, color, size and type of swim suit, coverup, sandal, and beach towel.  All sorts of new fibers - micro, poly, bamboo, hemp -

I am determined to continue, on into the cold - providing I can find a suitable,  affordable garment to ease me into goose-bumpy water.

Family swimming begins the minute our group of fifty to sixty aerobicists climb out.  The families often consist of a father who sits and watches, a mother who plunges in with a reluctant infant, siblings shoving and splashing - so many that there is only space to jump up and down - not stretch out and paddle.

A new sign appeared this week  - "Absolutely no boy over age three allowed in Women's Locker Room."  Wish I had seen what prompted this.

After the first day or two of damp floor, damp air, damp hair, damp infants, damp bodies, wet benches,
wet towels, wet howlers, I changed my routine.  Wear swimsuit to Center, towel off poolside, use alternate bathroom to change into dry panties, put suit into plastic bag, don coverup, drive home sitting on additional towel if necessary.  I notice a number of aerobicists with the same plan.

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