Thursday, October 21, 2010

Urban drama on a drizzly day - it takes a force

I telephoned our local police department today to report a late model 4-door BMW which had been parked in front of my home for several days - with four pavement-touching flat tires.  I was told that the police were busy on calls, but would attend to it as soon as possible.  In less than half an hour, a police car, a fire department tow truck, a police tow truck, a fire engine, a van with a flashing red light over the dash, and a pickup truck  arrived. At least fifteen minutes of manly discussion resulted ultimately in the beginnings of an Official Police Tow,  stopped when the truck driver got on his cell phone, apparently trying to figure out how to drag a car on its rims - carefully.

A young man in a white hoodie seems to be involved.  He may be the car's owner because after all the excitement, with official document in hand, he trudged into the apartment building across the street.

Another police car has arrived -apparently the police department photographer. The tow truck driver continues to struggle with the proper placement of the tires - using miniature tires on an axle.

A lot of manpower to remove one car .

Darby finds it barkingly entertaining.

The apparent owner has come back out - he looks a little mournful.

The car may have been leaking - the tow driver has sprinkled a bucket of sand where it had been parked which he is spreading with a broom.

Urban drama on a drizzly day - it takes a force.

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