Friday, January 21, 2011

Cursive writing - down with the pencil - off with the grammatical head

A few weeks ago I blogged about the way handwriting evolves to become individual enough for experts to identify.  This morning I heard a news bite which makes my curiosity both pertinent, and obsolete.

Apparently the state of Georgia has decided to remove cursive writing from school curriculums (or is it curricula?) - replacing it with instruction on computer skills.  And so it goes.  From scratching on cave walls, wax tablets with styli, slates and chalk, moveable type, Number Two pencils, pink rubber erasers and paper, and a big leap to tweeting and texting -

As for spelling, and using correct grammar (what at one time was considered a sign of a good education) -
nothing but a downhill road.

I started making a note every time I heard someone on television or the radio saying "him and me went"
"Her and I dined" "me and my mom are ..." - and I soon had a tablet filled with these stumblers.

I will have to find something more earth-shattering to fuss about.

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