Monday, January 17, 2011

Saturday morning in Sierra Madre

What a delightful Saturday morning walk in Sierra Madre.  My friend Michelle,
my labradoodles Darby and MaeRose,  and I,  in just the span of four blocks met a couple who live on the grounds of the Huntington Library - and who, among other dogs, own two young Australian labradoodles; a flirtatious Italian-expatriate local property owner, and a cyclist who is the CFO of a neighboring community and former college water polo player.

From the doodles owners, outdoor breakfasting at one of Sierra Madre's landmarks,  we learned about a local breeder of the authentic Australian labradoodle,  and received an open invitation to visit the Huntington and to join them at the next doodle romp.

From the flirty Italian we received an invitation to ride on his exotic two-front-wheel Vespa.

From the former water poloist we learned that the best way to float in water with no fear of drowning is to 'play dead' - leaning forward like a floating body.

Michelle works seriously toward becoming an accomplished swimmer.  I work seriously at overcoming fear of sinking in deep water.

We both love the Huntington.

I love my dogs.  I have never ridden on a motor scooter.

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