Friday, January 21, 2011

What do these have in common?

Entire loaf of whole wheat bread and wrapper, bar of glycerin soap, plastic comb, bottle of blood pressure medicine, slice of eggplant, pumpkin cheesecake slab, cube of butter, crabmeat crepe, slice of poundcake, rubber stamp, lead pencil, tube of dog toothpaste, numerous sandwich top slices,
rat poison cube, pot holder, velcro hair curler, slice of ham surrounded by the broken bowl it was snatched from, entire seven inch long chicken and liver dog treat sausage roll - three inches wide,  carcass of a baby bird, dead rat. wing-flapping hummingbird ...

Somewhat gruesome list - maybe some of it is a 'giveaway.'

Over an eight year span - consumed in whole or in part, or captured,  by the doodles - Darby and MaeRose

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