Monday, September 21, 2009

Darby ate a bird - long ago

I have been creating Wordles - addicting fun. In searching through old documents to find something to paste into Wordle I ran across this - totally forgotten - must have been six years or more ago when he was a puppy - he is now a middle-aged seven.

Oh my - I was working in my office this morning and realized Darby was not
right under my feet, where he usually is. I found him in the garden eating
a bird - - feathers sticking out of his mouth - not at all interested in
letting me have it. I was too squeamish to take it away, after determining
it was not one of the hummingbirds we have in our trees. In fact, it is
possible he found the body on the ground, since he has paid no attention to
birds at the feeder or in the bird bath. I'd like to think he did not kill
it - retrievers are supposed to retrieve, not destroy.

I think the entire thing went into his tummy - feathers, feet and all -
Maybe BARF stands instead of Bones and Raw Food,  for "birds and raw feathers" - My Cairn Terrier of a few years ago ate a bird - a big one she chased and caught.

I thought cats were the ones to worry about.

Now I will have to watch for indigestion - mine and his.

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