Tuesday, September 29, 2009

People I'd like to meet

Still in the pre-school section of blogging - just discovered that I have three drafts - this one was written two years ago -
startling how my thoughts have changed since then, but here goes anyway.

First, it has taken me some time to figure out how to post to my blog, once started. And, having seen some of the elaborate blogs online, I am surprised anyone has time to read any of them - some are true works of art - others are some work!

Here are some people I would love to meet - to have ordinary conversations with -

Whoopi Goldberg
Helen Mirren
Charles Kerault
Maria Schriver
John Sayles

When I thought of this topic several days ago I had a long list in my head - at the moment the list has evaporated -
maybe it's because I'm tired -

On another subject -today I met a 150-pound black Newfoundland named Bodie - a stunning looking dog with a great disposition. I was walking with my two labradoodles, and with Michelle and Hazel, her vizsla -
and while standing there dog-chatting a grandmother came along pushing a stroller with one-year old twin girls - a charming chance meeting -
Michelle and I visited a seven month old German Short-Hair Pointer - playful, inquisitive, satin brown head, spotted body - energetic - perfect conformation. Juno is her name -

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