Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hot weather and obsolesence

Another saved draft - this time less than a month old.

Blogging is getting a little addictive. The sky is blue for the first time in days. But, large plumes of smoke, hopefully from the backfires, hover to the east. The temperature reads 90 degrees, and feels at least that and more. I tried to purchase the Sunday edition of the Pasadena Star News this afternoon, only to learn that it will not be on the news stands (meaning our local liquor stores) until tomorrow. The LA Times for Sunday appears early Saturday - does that make it dated? I quit subscribing ages ago - and admit that I miss the rustle of pages turning, and the ink on my fingers, but not the long boring articles and the lack of nationwide news. Too LAcentric -.

Will the population 25 years from now find our technology amusingly antiquated, our early contraptions for downloading music and books as obsolete as we, of a certain age, find Beta players, 8-tracks, answering machines with tapes,
and dial phones?

I lived in Dallas when Texas Instruments introduced a hand held pocket calculator with an astonishing array of functions, and a price in the hundreds. It created quite a stir. Despite its price, stores soon ran out of stock.

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